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Conversation Between solidarmor and misty moon

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  1. Hey, long time no see...I hope you are ok?
  2. hi>>>how are you ..long time no see...i hope you doing fine ,,,i post new draw and i will be glad if you see it and give me your opnion
  3. Working on a drawing....well re-working on it, I drew it a looooong time ago but I'm drawing over it to make it better. Would you be willing to look at how it is so far?
  4. hi thanks for asking...and dont worry im fine ...and i will post anew draw very soon ^_^
  5. Hey, how are you doing? Haven't seen you on in a while, hope everything is well with you? Have drawn any new art?
  6. u have my word ^_^
  7. You're welcome. Promise to let me know when you post more art work. lol
  8. hi...thanks for add me
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