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Conversation Between Ezza Obsuna and Yoko Littner

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  1. Well. That's perfectly fine. But I'm still waiting for the image you want me to use.
  2. Red/White/Black. That is what I'll be looking for ( : Those colors really go with 'Cmpunk'< wwe wrestler. I've had this signature for 2+ years.. Stoneage right there o.e.
  3. Thanks. I'l do my best. If you want something to that effect, what color aside from red do you want?
  4. Okay! I'll send it tommorow :3.. Thanks : D.. It better be as good as ur avi :3 Loving it.
  5. Well it's quite OK. Just send me the a large image. Something big enough to work on. Send it anytime you want.
  6. Sorry for not sending you my avi/sig set. Its been a rough couple of days.
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