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Conversation Between Vanilla Tsundere and danman794

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  1. shit, latin? never heard of any HS offering that class
  2. Not that I know of besides Latin 4.
  3. ikr? u got any hard classes this year?
  4. Ohh. The fact that it's AP says it all. :P
  5. AP Biology...lets say it aint easy DX
  6. Man that sucks! D: It's not hard is it?
  7. like beginning of sept...i had to get my books fer school and iim leaving and their like "wqit, u forgot your first assignment" i got a 30 page packet to do before school starts >.<
  8. Already? When does school start for you? D:
  9. nah, chilling...having to do HW cause i actually got some already
  10. Nothing much, you? c:
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