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Conversation Between Vanilla Tsundere and MNX3

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  1. Actually, I'm reading Sailor Moon doujinshi. C: Shhh~ Lol!
    so,what are you doing?
    are you posting or something like that
  3. Nevermind me, either. xD
  4. never mind
  5. Whoops! Ma bad. Lol.
  6. take it easy,vanila
    I'm just kidding
    it was a joke
  7. Cause you know, it's just anime. It doesn't matter enough to get all upset over it. It's like a hobby. Some people's hobby is knitting, and you don't see them wanting to make people's lives a living hell because people aren't into that, do you?
  8. why do you think that?
  9. I dunno, Brah. I don't think people's animu opinions should be taken that seriously.
  10. yea
    that's why I'm here
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