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Conversation Between nrL and chii-chan91

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  1. I guess we've said it enough times already to make it a real word haha! :P
  2. I'm pretty sure there is no such word but hey! In a way, there is now.
  3. Fair enough- I shan't argue since I'm not entirely sure this early in the morning if there is or isn't a word such as mislook or mis-see Bit random seeing Cirno as you go down too, but each to their own perception I guess :P
  4. No, no, no. missee, or mislook. I am well aware this is not Cirno(lol, obviously) but every time I quickly scroll down my browser and your avatar flashes before my eyes, for some reason, I see Cirno. ahem.
  5. Surprises me a little you said Cirno- I would have thought Youmu more because of the hair, but sadly it's neither ^^ It's Kunagi Tenrou from a game which, to be fair, I have never played ^^' I just like the character image And I think you meant to say mistaken :P
  6. Every time I look at your avy I keep mislooking(mislooking? Misseeing?) her as Cirno from touhou.
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