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Conversation Between ilovekissxsis and Daken.

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  1. well heres the trailer for Mass Effect 2, I never played the first one. But it's one addicting game lol. Click here

    and thats cool! What's the song about? :]
  2. ah yeh i forgot it wasnt out yet :S lol, iv never reli played mass effect tbh, whats it about?? iv just been working on a new song im making atm
  3. Gears 3 release date is September 20th lol still got plenty time.
    Yeah, I thought I saw a girl in the trailer. But the game I can't wait till it comes out is Mass Effect 3.
    And not much, just been doing some graphics. What about you?
  4. lol i know what you mean XD i havnt actually got it yet, but i heard theres a girl in this one.. imagine if they make her look the same! o_O So what are you up to anyway??
  5. Lol, I liked the story line between 1 & 2, but I couldn't get past the fact their bodys are so big, and their heads are freakin SMALL. It's like, rawr, totally makes it weird lol. But I might get it, looks good.
  6. yeah man! i was excited months before it came out; everyone was getting annoyed at me cos it was all i kept talking about, heh ~_~

    Are you buying Gears 3?
  7. Thanks, and yes it was. : D
    you saw it?
  8. im doing great thanks ^_^ you? hey, sweet avatar, suckerpunch was pretty kickass!
  9. Thank you for the request, how are you? (:
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