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Conversation Between yuuna sunako and Simphoni

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  1. Heyheyehey!
  2. And I really miss yoo too!!!! ^w^
    How have you been, Yuuna??!!
    And what's been my Yuuna from me??!! School?!
    Or is Yuuna too busy for her Simph-chan now??!! ^w^
  3. `` You Know Waht I REally MissYoo )
  4. Hahaha!!!!
    I've missed you too, Yuuna!!
    Its been a while hasn't it!!!???
    How have you been??!!...
  5. `` IMissYoo )

    `` Simphoni )
  6. HEY!!!!!???????
    U didn't say ANYTHING about my new avatar!! *does an angry face SO cutely*

    what do u mean I have a boyfriend??!!
    R u trying to say that I am not girlfriend material??!! *does another cute angry face*

    SWEET!!! I have a friend the same age as me!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cool!! When is ur birthday and what is ur zodiac sign??
  7. Simphoni U have a boyfriend ??

    Awesome Im 13 Years Old Too ))
  8. I love ur new avatar!!!
    It's soooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo Cute!!
  9. ^w^

    I'm not MAD at YOU!!!!!
    What would make u think THAT?????!!!

    I am an amusing person!!!!! ^^
    YES!!!!! (waka waka)
    I AM AWESOME!!!!! ^,^

    YUP!!!! I like him A LOT!!!!
    And I'm 13
    How old r u??!

    THAT IS SOOoooooooooOOOO AWESOME!!!!!
    I"m learning Japanese through friends ^,^
    I love that language!!

    Korean sounds awesome!!!!
    Is it ur ""mother tongue"??

    Thanx 4 the little phrases!!!!
    I'll use 'em
  10. simphoni

    I wish Your Not Mad At Me


    Awesome !! Africa ( Waka Waka )

    Is Valkyire Your BoyFriend ???

    How Old Are You ???

    Yeah ! I Can Speak In korean Actually I have A Tutor

    Anyong Haseyo Means Good Morning
    Yobo Seyo Means Hello
    KamsaHamnida Means Thnak You
    Sarangahae Means I LOVE YOU )
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