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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Unkawaii

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  1. Alright, I'll go ask. Pretty much every forum I'm on is at a PG-13 limitation and they permit it so long as it falls under the filter. I just wanted to make sure.
  2. I have that problem on another forum; I RP a character who at points can be rather ... 'vocal', and because the forum has similar rules to here I had to tone down his language in public threads to more 'mild' language such as crap, damn, etc.

    It might be worth sending LadyPSerenity (the mod of the RP section) a message to ask her opinion on whether the occasional 'bastard' can be used in appropriate context. I don't RP on this site so I don't really know if there are exceptions for that area or not.
  3. Yes, yes. I understand. I'm asking this more for the intent of RPing. You know, for certain character archetypes, sometimes a curse word or two is appropriate to keep them in character. But I'll try to avoid it more that I usually do. Thank you.
  4. There is an auto filter, yes, but honestly? You shouldn't really need to be cursing so intently. I know everybody likes to complain and such but there's always something more productive to say online than dropping an F-bomb on someone.

    Well, that's how I feel anyway, but really in any situation where you could use a curse word there's probably a better and more mature way of putting what you want to say. =/
  5. I do have a question regarding the cursing rules though. They do seem rather strict. So anyways, is there an auto-filter, and are words like the "c" word or "b" (not the five letter one) word allowed?
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