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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. ... I'd be able to make a better comment if I knew what you meant by 'handling ass'. :/

    Also I need better Youtube tags, but Youtube changed their tag system so I can't just copy/paste from one video to another. Retards =-=
  2. Also, I seen that you are handling ass in your videos.

    Good job.
  3. Desperate views????

    Nah nigga...remember I still get x10 more views than you anyway. =P

    I haven't gotten the time to get the game yet though.
  4. I'm uploading a bunch of smaller videos now, namely some small things I've done as well as a few multiplayer races.

    ... most of which I've won, because it seems everyone is crap lol. there's like one person who won races but I reckon it was because he was using Eggman and he's probably OP.

    Joe Musashi ftw. I almost lapped people on one track! WTF.

    (I'm presently 11 for 3 in terms of wins and not-wins... also there was someone whose gamertag looked familiar ... I think he's from Sonic Retro. Sonikku somethingsomething... I was tempted to message him >_>)

    And um yeah, I have my mains on the game so if you were really desperate for dual-views and stuff I could pick the game up on PS3; I'd only need to go as far through World Tour as unlocking Knuckles and Joe so ... yeah. =/
  5. Nah they'll watch it but not the entire thing.

    If they don't watch it 100%, it kind of hurts you.
  6. I can't edit the videos in Sony Vegas and it's taking too long for me to record commentaries so I figured it was better to upload the videos anyway rather than hold it off, so at least I've got footage up even if people only watch 10-20 minutes of it. The commentated stuff I will try to limit to around 25-30 minutes per video, but it's simply finding the time to sit, play the videos back and talk about them.

    People are watching them anyway, it seems. >.>;
  7. Making 1 hour long videos is cool but at the same time it's a huuuge no-no.

    Ever heard of attention span? Lol.
  8. I could get it for Xbox but I feel like I won't play it with anyone else but you. Lmao

    Yeah, I was planning to do solo all the way first and then do MP games with you and so...

    Also, Europe doesn't always has it bad btw....So far, they are the only ones getting an Limited Edition for Naruto Storm 3 that contains 5 extra DLC and so....Yeah, not even Japan....just Europe. =P
  9. I need the HDMI; my TV lags when using component cable as input (likely it's not good at handling analog->digital conversion)

    Also recording with my PS3 is easier; I don't need to change any cables around since I have both PS3 and xbox hooked up to it and only need to change input mode on the PVR settings to switch.

    ... and I COULD get the game on PS3, but only if you really really wanted to do dual-recorded views on the game. I'd rather just play it on 360. If the game turns out to be really good I'm not ashamed of finding a PS3 copy if something like that would be good with you.
  10. Yeah I known that for a while now, that's why I am copping it. It will probably replace Crash Racing in that genre.

    Exactly. Too bad I am getting it for PS3 otherwise you and me can make some videos though.

    To be honest, just try using your old HDPVR then. =\
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