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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. Why I am subbed to you but you aint subbed to me? ?@_@
  2. subs that is
  3. Over 1000!
  4. That you're putting scrubs in their place, that's what I meant.

    Also, Shift + A, Shift + C, Shift + V.

    You're welcome.
  5. ... I'd be able to make a better comment if I knew what you meant by 'handling ass'. :/

    Also I need better Youtube tags, but Youtube changed their tag system so I can't just copy/paste from one video to another. Retards =-=
  6. Also, I seen that you are handling ass in your videos.

    Good job.
  7. Desperate views????

    Nah nigga...remember I still get x10 more views than you anyway. =P

    I haven't gotten the time to get the game yet though.
  8. I'm uploading a bunch of smaller videos now, namely some small things I've done as well as a few multiplayer races.

    ... most of which I've won, because it seems everyone is crap lol. there's like one person who won races but I reckon it was because he was using Eggman and he's probably OP.

    Joe Musashi ftw. I almost lapped people on one track! WTF.

    (I'm presently 11 for 3 in terms of wins and not-wins... also there was someone whose gamertag looked familiar ... I think he's from Sonic Retro. Sonikku somethingsomething... I was tempted to message him >_>)

    And um yeah, I have my mains on the game so if you were really desperate for dual-views and stuff I could pick the game up on PS3; I'd only need to go as far through World Tour as unlocking Knuckles and Joe so ... yeah. =/
  9. Nah they'll watch it but not the entire thing.

    If they don't watch it 100%, it kind of hurts you.
  10. I can't edit the videos in Sony Vegas and it's taking too long for me to record commentaries so I figured it was better to upload the videos anyway rather than hold it off, so at least I've got footage up even if people only watch 10-20 minutes of it. The commentated stuff I will try to limit to around 25-30 minutes per video, but it's simply finding the time to sit, play the videos back and talk about them.

    People are watching them anyway, it seems. >.>;
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