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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. You should stop being so narrow-minded when it comes to video games and give some other peoples' choices some respect, even if you don't agree with them.

    That's why I said what I did. I personally have no interest in most of the games you play or want, but you don't see me making out they're worthless.

    Now, let's put this whole thing off on one side and get on discussing games like mature men, and not like Videogamer555s.
  2. Don't shelter yourself around the word "opinion" too much.
  3. Fair enough.

    "Then, I don't believe you knew the entire argument to begin with...." (or rather didn't knew anything) but decided to put your thoughts in a discussion you had no grounds on (to stop the "off-topicness" is fine though, no sarcasm).

    But I'll just leave it at that. No hard feelings.
  4. I didn't reply because I don't have any interest or anything to say regarding the argument of AAA vs new-IP games.
  5. Not trying to start anything with you but for derailing reasons, you didn't reply or at least I assume so. I want your thoughts on this, though...

    I make a game, for the 7th gen + Wii U + PS2 (fun fact; FIFA 14 is gonna be the last ever PS2 game) aka multiplat ...(remember, the keyword it's me, a new developer...again, new) then release it on the same day as GTAV (which is only coming out for PS3 and Xbox 360 first) Do you truly believe I would do well, if not better than GTAV?

    Then, I don't believe you knew the entire argument to begin with....because that was really the argument. It's not an opinion, it's factual BIG SELLERS will outsell unknown, NEW IPs, no matter if you release in all consoles all the way back to the Atari.
  6. Busy.
  7. Lmao you just liked that post now? xD
  8. Oh no that's cool.

  9. Timezones.

    Also I've been busy. I didn't perceive the spam as being that horrifically spammy that it needed instant culling. Not like WBL was back talking about boobs or anything.
  10. I was hinting clean the spam, even my post and the two of his.
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