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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. Ah, well worth the 60 dollares?
  2. Well, I can't really say what 'improvements' there have been unless I know what you think would be improvements.

    Of course, improvements are a matter of opinion; there are things I like about the game and things I don't. :/ but I don't really regret buying it. the pros far outweigh any cons.
  3. Alright, still tell me any improvements. =3
  4. Slow response, but because it took me two weeks to scrape the money together to actually get it.

    On xbox, of course >_>; but I doubt much aside from graphics being different.
  5. You there. Get Dirt 3 and tell me how is it. =3
  6. Well, it was really tough getting popular. Like you got to pick something popular but that there's not a lot of it. Like my homie, he uploads videos for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and he got many views + subs for it and he's technically known as the "UNS2 guy".

    The quality is pretty good nevertheless.

    Yeah, good luck.
  7. Lucky you. If I could get money for just uploading videos, I would do so. x_x

    And I know Youtube does kill quality, but the quality loss of 1080i video is far less than 360 or 480p (what my PC gameplay tends to be uploaded at).

    I guess next paycheck I will have to get my dad to order one for me. I've checked eBay and Amazon's UK stores and that gets sold over here as well, so it's just the case of me getting the money together for it. :]
  8. --------------------------------
  9. Kinda ironic as how I was looking at that earlier on. I guess it works, huh?

    I also need to record in HD, so an easycap is out of the question :/
  10. Okay, so I checked your Youtube channel brah.

    Buy an easycap for your Xbox 360.


    I use this to record my gameplay:
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