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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. That's what it says at least...I haven't try it out, I don't record PC Gaming. xD I should try it out but I'm focusing more on PS360 and I'll start doing some Wii RPGS like The Last Story or Pandora's Tower since my European import of the latter just arrived.

    Also, I sent you a FR over PSN. >.>
  2. Wait, the thing doubles as a PC video-capture card?


    Oh well. I'll just have to save up for an i7 or whatever and a GTX500/600-series ... I'd like to see that mofo lag with Fraps. >>;
  3. Well, it's for PC Gaming as well so now you can record Blue across all platforms on good quality. I'm actually enjoying it at best and it's good to have both since I record constantly.

    Probably...I just think it's too odd for it to copy/paste a thread you just linked...and it wasn't even a troll, just a new registered member. So the best guess it's a troll.
  4. Well I have no need to record via the Wii (even if I wanted to I have composite cables (the RGB/LR cables) for it so it'd record the same as xbox, just in 640x480 res instead of 1920x1080.

    And besides that it works perfectly fine bar a slight audio desync (though that could just be youtube's fault).

    And yeah ... bots are getting smart. Though it's an odd bot if it's posting about F/SN.
  5. Also, about the Fate / StayNight...I swear it can be some sort of advance spambot.

    The posts were
  6. With the HD PVR, right?

    Because I just got a newer model 1445, which is the gaming edition for it. It works fantastic but I like the 1212's software better.

    I actually had the money to pay for it (because of YT money you know) so I now I have both but if you are having no issues with the 1212 then no need to get the 1445, it's just more specialized for gaming (Like Wii).
  7. Yup.
  8. Do you still record?
  9. And smh Mac.

    You got Ridge Racer

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