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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. I don't have the tools to record PS3 gameplay; I'd need both a component (RGB/LR) cable and a splitter box (if one of those exists) to alternate the output to my PVR between either xbox or PS3 (the PVR only uses the component thingy and doesn't support HDMI which is why I have no Motorstorm footage online at all.

    And to be honest I like The Run, and evidently for whatever reason those videos get a lot of hits on Youtube. Apparently I was really good at it as well, I just grew bored of it when other games came alone. Unfortunately that happens a lot with me.

    That said ... how can I import games? Aren't xboxes region-locked? Besides, knowing the shipping fees and time it would probably crop up around here the same time as it gets released here anyway so :/
  2. Try stepping out of the racing games circle as well though and again make sure to import, like my friend and I imported this Naruto game ans we racked up a lot of views just because is Naruto but he racked up more than me. Also, make sure you got people to hook you up...I can't really hook you up, as much as I want to since you need to be at a decent position for me to promote you and you're below that.

    Actually, don't completely try to step out of racing games but maybe get LittleBigPlanet Karting. But that game doesn't have a big hype so I don't know how it will help you.
  3. Oh shit, it seems you are one of the first people:

    And it seems you are getting comments still.

    I guess you need a more pro appeal. Try asking Hyphen to make you a good background or something. Maybe the Run does suck. Try doing a series as well, keep like a schedule as well. To be honest The Run doesn't seem that it didn't worked for some many people (like I can see that those videos didn't get people that many subs) . I guess since Most Wanted is the better title, it will work better for you.....I mean The Run went into the shadows pretty darn quick too...

    Most Wanted was cool as hell though and it was a likable NFS game unlike the recent games, so I THINK this one will work out better for you.
  4. The trick is to get the game before anyone else like I said. You already invested on an HDPVR, which is one step ahead of the game. Your second step is the former. Get a game you're good at (you're good a racing games it seems). Import the American version of a game, with fast shipping. MW 2012 is a hyped titled so IMPORT IT, once it gets to your mail, start recording it. Also, a lot of pointless tags...not pointless but irrelevant, lets say adding "black ops 2" is what helps a lot as well.

    I am seriously making a good money out of it I can quit both my job and school but I don't wanna do this all my life, but it's enough to do whatever I want and more. So yeah, just import NFS 2012 and see how it goes for you. NFS gets a lot of hype so you should just give it a try

    Anyways, you didn't answered my first question. TT_TT
  5. So really, I have no ways to get extra views. I only upload stuff I play and I haven't touched The Run since I got all the achievements (oddly enough The Run videos have the most views ... one of them has 12,000 or something crazy.) It doesn't help that I don't know what tags to use either as a lot of videos that show up when I do searches have pointless tags in them (such as most CoD videos about noobs no-scoping people like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread)

    ... So ... yeah. I only play games whilst I enjoy them; I get bored of games pretty quickly unless they have good replay value. Hence why I still play Blur despite it being 2 years old now, and why I got bored of Dirt Showdown very quickly. I'm just gonna have to look forwards to NFS:MW 2012. I should probably post a bulletin asking people whether they want me to upload more footage of other games I've played (if people want me to upload more The Run footage I'll probably go play The Run again, I dunno.)
  6. I would have uploaded more Ridge Racer, had there been people to play it online with. I don't know whether you know or not but the game's multiplayer servers never worked properly ever since launch and the MP officially died a good few months ago when Bugbear stopped responding to bug reports on Steam.

    Which is a shame, because I really enjoyed the game, as I did The Run.

    However that's just the thing. You say I need a lot more views. My question is: How? I uploaded footage of Dirt Showdown (both the demo and the full game) the day it came out here. Yet the footage I have uploaded hasn't got much more than 100 views. It also doesn't help that the UK is usually behind on game releases by about three/four days (you guys tend to get them Tuesday, we get them the Friday at the least -_-)
  7. Do you got a hook up with GoNintendo or any major Nintendo site?

    I could try to hook you up to get partnered but daaaaamn you need a lot more subs and views for siure. Most of your recent views have less than 50 views, you need to get get a daily average of 750 views a day or around it.

    You should have uploaded more Ridge Racer and Dirt Showdown, I bet you would've racked up a crapload of views. If you wanna get big, record Need for Speed or any good racing game and just record a lot of it and try to get the game before anyone else....that's how you get on top. Blur is cool and I play it every now and then but like Section 8, it's a blowover title.
  8. Okay so pretty much there is no difference between the normal edition and gaming edition...nothing at all, just a marketing scam.

    well it has meaningless avavantages for peopel who dont know hwo to use it

    anyways, sent you this from work ttyl
  9. I barely use my PS3 except for hooning about on Motorstorm. :|

    Only PS3 exclusive worth getting tbh.
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