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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. Lol, take your time.

    You got an average of 800 views per day, 200 more and you can get partnered.
  2. Because my Youtube is awesome like that. >.>

    I still haven't ordered that mic. I'll probably do it on Sunday. I need to order a comic book and maybe a shirt or something anyway. Buying a steering wheel kinda ate up what money I'd saved for stuff like this.

  3. Kind of funny when there's some days you get 0 views and then the next day you get 4,000 and then the next day you get0 again.

  4. To be honest....for now you can get it in another way (until you can afford it) ....I got an original copy now because I can afford it but you know when I was younger I couldn't so...if you know where I am getting at. =\

    Yeah, the Pop Filer should make the sound more cleaner and it helps to only catch your voice instead of empty space. Yeah, just do what I said in the former and spend your money on a good microphone.

    I can assure you not everyone partner pays for their software. =P Or at least until they get the money and they wanna support the company but for now try to invest only in hardware that helps you. (you know, Mics and such).
  5. What the hell ... Sony Vegas is $500? I can't afford that... I swear, a friend of mine got it and I'm sure it wasn't that expensive. ~.~ he probably got an older version.

    Anyways ... I WAS initially going to send this message just to say I'm getting my lazy ass around to buying a proper mic, as I'm sick of the feedback in my turtle beach. But if I'm going to have to spend a couple hundred dollars on a piece of fucking video editing software then I'm not going to bother trying to buy any and I'll just get a better mic e_e

    So yeah, I'll be looking to get that mic you say everyone uses. A quick question though; you linked suggesting I should get the pop filter as well. Is the latter an absolute necessity? I would rather get both at the same time rather than think I can get away with just the mic. This is of course entirely dependant on whether I can find the mic on Amazon UK; the pop filter ships from the US apparently so I can import it fine if needs be.
    Make sure to sub to my second channel. =3
  7. A Turtle Beach is fine until you can afford it. Don't stress on it.

    I'll get back to you on that but you should really try to create something and show it off. Something innovative.
  8. I guess I'll have to take a look into it, then. (I have an Amazon account thankfully so provided I can find one that ships to the UK I should be good.)

    Until then I'll have to deal with what I've currently got. It's better than nothing, and after all I have to start somewhere and get some practice and experience.

    Anyways, I know you already said you don't know anybody who could come and play/talk with me on Minecraft but if you come across anyone who's interested then let me know. Heck, if you decide you want to play Minecraft (it's fun and also quite challenging sometimes o_o) then I'm there. We'd have to set up a server (not that difficult) but we can deal with that if and when, I guess o_o
  9. My friend has's really good quality, look for yourself:
    Just trust me on this what everyone has. You don't have to buy it from those from Amazon UK.

    Turtle Beaches are good but they are GAMING MICS, so there's a difference into that. They a superb when you are gaming but not when you're doing a podcast or live commentaries or such.
  10. I suppose it wouldn't hurt but I could put together a recording of the different options and stuff I have so you can hear how differently everything sounds. I still think despite the background interference that I sound clearer and a little less boring on what I was recording on but you might think differently. who knows.

    Also yes I'm aware I sound 'boring'. Annoyingly I sound far different on mic than I do in person (always have ._.) and part of the reason I started trying to do live commentaries on this (as I probably already said) is to improve my own vocal/commentary skills. IRL I'm antisocial as fuck so this is a good way to help me to learn to have a decent speaking voice. Helps if I know what I'm talking about. I might not sound so distracted when I'm sober anyway. ^_^;

    I plan to tinker a little and try to get rid of that interference anyway. I have a feeling it might be my wireless (I get feedback in my speakers too, annoyingly).
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