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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. Yeah, that's what you need pretty much. I always record on Xbox.mp4.

    Anyways, are you going to import Most Wanted 2012? I am importing One Piece: Pirate Warriors because Europe gets it 4 days earlier (4 days IS 4 days) and Europe gets it on Disc while the US is a digital download. Fuck that shit.
  2. All my recorded xbox videos are MP4 and none of them load up in Vegas correctly. My friend (who also has Vegas) has the same problem.

    It may just be that neither of us has the h.264 codec installed for Vegas... I'll have to have a play around some time. The thing is, the videos DO load ... but incorrectly. it shows only the top-left quarter of the video, so... yeah.
  3. MP4 shouldn't a problem loading up in Vegas though.

    But yeah, this is the perfect tutorial for any questions. Use it.
  4. Yeah, I was wondering why the videos I recorded in .mp4 format don't want to load up in Vegas (only shows a quarter of the video for some reason). A friend of mine suggested I record in .ts format... oh well xD

    Once you acquired Vegas, use that tutorial.
  6. Oh shit, I didn't see it.

    Happy Birthday, my nigga .....Hope you have a great time. You deserve it.
  7. Do you mess up during your recordings? Or you just record and play? I mean....probably not with Blur since you already know how it works and are good at it but with other games?

    Well duh, you obviously got to set out the Pop Filter.

    About Sony Vegas Pro 11....Nigga, how many times I got to tell you....>_> Unless you have a Mac (lololololl) and get Final Cut Pro X. That's what I plan to do in the future, get a desktop and and Mac and use the Mac for video purposes and just the PC for daily taks and gaming. I think it's legit...But I gotta pay for colege again now that is coming again and other stuff so it's on the waiting list.

    Ask the Old Man if you need help...pretty sure all he does is go to Chat and post occasionally. =P

  8. I'd probably do it 'live' (probably just start the mic recording and sync the audio in at some point after I finished).

    Mic came today btw. The actual recording quality itself seems a little rubbish, but in terms of clarity it's spot-on. It's either a bit quiet or I'm just quiet, either way I learned I have to talk pretty loud and talk close to it to get it to work; maybe I can mic boost it so I don't need to be so close to get my voice picked up clearly. not a big deal. It seems more intent on picking up background noise too (and no, it's not set on 'omnidirectional' mode haha.)

    Will have to set the pop filter up at some other point. Not got a lot of desk space x.x In the process of moving all my Fraps recordings to my new 2TB drive. I still need to get hold of a decent video editor though ... bleh.
  9. Alright cool beans.

    Make sure you do a live commentary though if not, you can always record it afterwards. It's what a lot of people do anyway.
  10. I finally just got my ass round to ordering that microphone. (along with a 2TB external hard disk because holy fuck do I need one -_-)
    I realised I could probably set it up whilst I play Xbox to record my voice and dub it into any group chats I do. Considering I've been playing a lot of Borderlands as of late and plan to get Borderlands 2 to kill some time before Most Wanted, an unintentional 'let's play' of Borderlands / Borderlands 2 might amuse some people.
    (my voice doesn't get picked up on xbox recordings anyway and though I think I can plug my turtle beach in to my PC and xbox at the same time to record voice through both, the turtle beach is a terrible mic.)


    Still not got Sony Vegas, though. :l
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