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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. LolRan. =P
  2. Cool beans bro tell me how is it...

    actually imma ask my dad to buy it for me and then I pay him back or something...because eh, gotta have to be above the rest.
  3. Can't order until september 17th for me...

    I'm still a bit sketchy as to whether it'll record my PC gameplay though. I'm using a DVI/HDMI adapter on the card though so I don't know if HDCP will be a problem. Also my card doesn't throughput audio so I'd have to work out a way to get round that... ._.
  4. Apparently the HDPVR2 is already out. Gonna order mine next month.
  5. That's spoooo true so I guess you IP checked the guy.

    That means the kid created 2 accounts in May.....lmaolmao
  6. It IS him. Otherwise I wouldn't have said so.

    Also who else makes hueg drama out of something so simple? trolololol. ;r
  7. That's so true about the PS3, for every nigga that has a PS3, every 10 niggas have an Xbox's not a joke at all, that's why I got my Xbox first as well. XBL can go suck some nuts though. That's also true, I feel like the PS3 controller is better for Fighters and Adventure-Action while the Xbox is for racing and shooters (because of the triggers).

    That's cool I guess.
  8. I don't like the PS3. All my friends are on Xbox (and don't use/no longer have the PS3), the controllers are too small and not suited for racing games (I seriously cannot play Blur on a PS3 pad), the servers are crap, make me download 500MB for patches that takes hours to download, and I get booted from servers every 20-30 minutes. Also the headsets are garbage.

    I will be getting Borderlands 2 and Most Wanted 2 on Xbox. My PS3 is just there because occasionally I like to play Motorstorm ... and that they're not 400 like they originally were when they were first released.

  9. Lmao, I know about that bro xD .....and is it really a problem for you to switch? Well, you already told me that you don't want to mess with importing so make sure to be quick when Most Wanted arrives. Well, what I do with Elgato is connect through HDMI and set it on component instead.

    I am still getting the HDPVR2 just to have a set a home while I use my Elgato for a outside recording (since it uses no power cord but I would still need a laptop)....maybe if I go to E3 next year as well. (I got Elgato just when E3 was going to conclude ._.)

    I like it that it's 30 dollars cheaper as well.
  10. Because of HDCP? I heard that the PS3 utilises that which is why you need to use component cables to record HD video from them. Not a problem for me, since I barely use my PS3 and won't need to constantly fuck about switching cables. Only thing I'd want to record is Motorstorm, anyway.

    My computer is hooked up through a DVI-HDMI splitter (graphics card doesn't have an actual HDMI input) so I think I'd be okay using the HDMI through the PVR. nVidia control panel says 'HDCP compatible' but isn't explicitly saying it's in use ... though my computer does know I'm using a Samsung TV as a monitor. I'm not sure how much of a problem that will be.
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