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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. You settings seem fine, they are pretty much the default settings right? I don't think anyone else is making much changes rather that to choose the HDMI output. O_o

    You probably got a fault unit. Who knows?
  2. In light of further testing I think it's got something to do with the 'hardware acceleration'. Previously I had it turned off, because on the old HD-PVR it caused video to record rather choppy. You'd have probably noticed I also had it disabled assuming the same thing, but I've turned it on after doing tests (quick recording a series of 6 40-second videos to test for video fuckups) and whilst with it disabled, the videos would randomly mess up, I've gone through all 6 videos I recorded with hardware acceleration enabled, and none of them have broken.


    Nope, one of the videos broke 2 minutes into recording ... this is weird. Some of them are encoded at weird fps as well ... like 29.893 or 29.903 ... all the broken ones claim to be at an fps of 120 (probably a Vegas default) ... maybe my PVR is broken?
  3. I'm attempting to decode/re-encode the same video through FormatFactory ... bit strange that the video plays back fine in the hauppauge programs... anyways, I'll send screencaps of the settings. Which are essentially defaults.

    And for the record I record on my laptop, which has a 2.5Ghz core2duo T9500, 4GB RAM and 1GB of graphics memory ... which is what I've always recorded my gameplay on, so it's not like the place I'm saving the video is a bottleneck or anything..
    This has essentially ruined my Borderlands Let's Play. 1/3 of the recorded video is (presently) useless garbage..

    That's literally everything important in the options. =/
  4. OK, having looked through my videos, a LOT of the videos I've recorded have weird video 'lag' ... it's strange because they play back correctly in the ShowBiz media thingy, and they play back correctly in windows media player ... but they do NOT play back correctly in MPC-HC.

    I'm also struggling to import these 'dodgy' videos into Vegas. I'm presently sitting on a green video screen whilst waiting for it to process the audio data... which it's been doing for about 30 minutes now. I'll send screencaps of the settings I'm using ... I very obviously need help with understanding why this thing just randomly decides to record 'broken' video footage.. I don't want to have to decide I've bought a $200 brick and I'd have to go back to using my old PVR. =/


    Vegas won't load the broken videos. Claims for video 'media offline' and in the properties believes the video is recorded at 120fps...
  5. What particular settings? Because there are a lot of menus... should probably just screenshot everything, but I'll do that tomorrow.

    Also strangely, having recorded a good handful of videos earlier which I uploaded straight to Youtube with no editing, a few of them have some weird ... well, the video desyncs. I'm not sure if this is Youtube's fault but it's ended up not uploading the video correctly.


    Audio is playing at proper speed. Video is not. There's a good ten/fifteen seconds of post-race video that's entirely missing. I'm attempting to re-upload the same video from my desktop to find out if it's just an upload error or whether it's an encoding error.

    What's weird about this is that the videos play back absolutely fine through windows media player ... methinks I may have to run each video through vegas from now on just to ensure it uploads correctly ._. which would be bull and annoying.
  6. I'll be away from my home computer for a while so can you show me your screen instead and I will tell you what to select/unselect.
  7. Do me a favour and show me a screenshot of the 'format settings' menu you have when using the PVR-2?

    I'm just checking I'm not missing anything or have something that's not meant to be there. O_o
  8. My Computer > (C) Drive > Program Files (x86) > ArcSoft > TotalMedia Extreme > Plug-In.

    I got that update but don't know what does it do since I been using it no problem to begin with.
  9. ... btw you said something about a plugins folder (for the PVR?)

    where is it?

    I did a full uninstall/delete of the previous ArcSoft software folder and reinstall of the new PVR's drivers & software. Also actually found where this 'important update' for the drivers was on the Hauppauge site and downloaded that... not sure if it fixed anything though.
  10. Yeah, I tried it and it still works all fine for me. I'm literally not doing a thing and it works fine for me.

    I got all three too. 1212, 1445 and the HDPVR2.
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