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Conversation Between *MayMay* and Shini

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  1. You know what time it is. Wolf 8 is go. Did I mention everyone gets a role?

    Let's do this!
  2. Why do I keep magically getting 1000 gil for no reason??? >=O *kicks!* Stoppit! xD
  3. Lol eh, it doesn't matter. If you can take what you dish out, I'm more than happy to take it in return.
  4. Aw shucks. :3 I might have to stop picking on you now or I'll feel bad. xD
  5. Lol oh I know you're nice, I was just kidding. :P You are indeed one of the nicest AF members around, and I feel honored to call you my friend.
  6. You are welcome. :3 Now see? How mean can I possibly be if I go around leaving bunnies for people all willy-nilly like that? xD
  7. Aww, thank you May! I hope you had a very happy Easter too.

    I liked the bunny!
  8. Hoppy Easter! ^-^
  9. Of course you don't!
  10. I have no idea what you're talking about! :3
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