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Conversation Between Nesh and Vaishu

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  1. Hey Avi:3How are you????Miss youu
  2. Avi-Chan<33How are you?miss you*_*
  3. How I know that feeling...I'm good,thanks!Todays Avril's birthday<33
  4. I'm fine how about you!!
    Oh my it's been soooo long since I chated with ya....I missed you too ;*
  5. Hey Avi-Chan<3333333333333333333333How are you?I miss you!
  6. Aww,thats ok der,I'm good!Avi Chan<3333
  7. Sweety how have you been??? I miss you too ^^
    Thank you honey <3
  8. Avi Chan<3333333333333333How are you?
    I miss you loadzzzzzzzzz!You'r sigs and avatars are getting better each day^^!
  9. sticking around herr doing stuff.
    Of course how can I forget you?? We're buddies ^^
  10. I've been good but darn busy
    so not online much.
    you?(don forget me,k?);_;
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