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Conversation Between Nesh and Meteorkeeper

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  1. Thats fine just check in whenever you can find the time.
    Oh and best of luck with high school I hope it goes well for you.
  2. Sorry if I ahven't posted in the rpg....but I starded highschool this week
    and I'm still geting ajusted to it so I won't be online as much as I used to
  3. Sounds good to me, this will be fun. ^^
  4. I'm glad to be RPing with you too papa ^^
    Do you mind: in the rp I posted that you were an old friend of mine and that we know each other very well?
    So you can say they know each other from the streets coz my character is kind of like a free traveler :3
  5. I am Looking forward to RPing with you. ^^
    My character will try to find his way to you the best he can.
    You are in the forest right now correct?
  6. lol indeed
  7. awwie danke for the phrasing papa ^^
    like father like daughter
  8. Indeed it is funny and cute.
    What a thoughtful daughter I have. ^^
  9. Well that's why I choosed it....I remembered what you told me papa about how you like cute stuff ...waht's more cuter than chibies? glad you like it ^^
    + it's also funny
  10. Hmm I thought it suited the group rather well and it has chibis in it witch is always a plus lol.
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