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Conversation Between Nesh and Luluka

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  1. Lately you've been busy. Are you busy with something related to work/school or something?
    aww, really? I really missed your works and it really inspired me ^_^
  2. sometimes I don't have the time to log on here, but when I have the chance I do
    yes I do...but only when time is on my side
  3. aww, it's ok. I've been busy as well.
    It's just that I missed this place so that's why I open it from time to time
    Do you still doing that signature stuff? :3
  4. Sorry for the late replay...I've been away for a while
    -been pretty busy
    how bout you....anything new?? :]
  5. Hi there. It's been a while isn't it.
    How are you? :3
  6. Pretty good
    Life is still the same
    How about you?
  7. Hey long time no see
    how have you been? :3
  8. Avi-chan~ :3
  9. Don't worry you'll get to it with practise ^_^

    thanks :3
  10. Thanks ^_^
    I got bored so I made one just now, thou I'm really bad at c4d,, clouds.. like that =/

    p.s: Love your set too x3
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