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Conversation Between Avi-chan and catie

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  1. thanks avril the signature looks great. Can u tell me how you did it briefly. Please help. I need some ideas.
  2. Here's the outcome:

  3. Thanks a lot.
  4. Sure, would love to! =3
    I'm gonna start espect it this days!
    Well, I have intermediate knowlege of photoshop myself, but I'm sure I can help ypu out!
    Yeah I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended too!
  5. Really!!!!!! Can I have one with Ritsu. And I'm a beginner in making signatures can you give me some good tips. I use photoshop CS5
  6. well I've never done one that takes that long, but I dunno maybe somebody does
    If you want I can meke one for you too! :3
  7. wow i thought it'll take weeks
  8. couple of hours!
  9. hey Avril how much time does it take for u to make a signature??
  10. Well I didn't really get to celebrate easter
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