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Conversation Between Nesh and SuXrys

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  1. If you already are that into law then I will not be surprised if you actually will end up as an lawyer or something in the future. ^^
  2. haha XD ...yeah I'm sure I'll be something like that.
    Well I'm still not so sure but I'm soncidering struding to be a lawyer, prosecutor, judge or detective in the future.
    Those are the options or someother job involving buisness and stuff.

    I don't know if it's hard but in my first days I alredy like some of the law subjects :3
  3. A detective? Isn't it hard to work like that? I can't imagine that so many are detectives? I just think about that old Disney movie... what was it called?.. Basil Mouse? xD
  4. I'm intrested in becoming a judge or a detective :3
  5. Alright! Then I understand. I don't like chemistry and those things so much, mainly because I have never really understood those things. It feels little unfair since everyone else has so easy for those subjects, they have gone in naturscience classes and have had you know reading extra math and.... I barely even understand the basics. It feels like the naturescience logic skipped me. But I like laws and such, it's kind of interesting to know how everythings works and also it kind of feels great that you know what you should do in different situations, instead of panicking and don't knowing what to do. Besides, if you know the laws people can't screw you over as easily either. Are you interested in working with laws and such in the future? Or is it just something you are reading now due to the interest?
  6. well it's a micture of economics and law and I don't have phisics and chemistry...but I still have math
  7. I don't even understand math so good so I wouldn't stand the slightest chance in a class like that
  8. I sign up for economics class.
  9. So it is just as you have been having it in school this far? You are not picking different classes and focus?
  10. I'm not so sure. I hope I'm in the same class as my friends.
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