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Conversation Between sasukelover124 and -Sasuke Uchiha-

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  1. heyy long time no talk
  2. Well, I'm fine ^_^
  3. its ok ive been busy with studyng as well im totaly cool about it soo how are u
  4. I'm good. Only this year I was kinda busy with my study.... hehehe....
    Sorry for such a late reply.
  5. Hey longbtime no talk what's up
  6. O_O I like Sasuke too Hehehe...........
  7. cool mine is sasuke
  8. ^_^ I also like Naruto too. What's your favorite characters in that anime (naruto)?
  9. It pretty. Obvious its naruto
  10. You're welcome. What's your favorite anime?
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