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Conversation Between Penshiru and young blood

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  1. mine is fma,bleach,code geass,death note,kekkasishi,naruto,descendants of darkness,and others.oh my name is tamika
  2. My real name is Chris
    and my fav anime is Rurouni Kenshin <333 love that anime
    whats yours?
  3. doin just fine. so wats ur real name? wat is ur fave anime?<3
  4. Its going good
    I'm loving this good wheather
    How are you?
  5. hows it goin
  6. Not really all my friends went to a different school so I didn't have that many friends
    but in high school that all changed went I went to High School because I joined clubs
  7. why?did u have a good middle school?
  8. UH! I didn't like Middle school
  9. i'm not ready to give up middle school.
  10. Well don't worry YOU GOT THIS!
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