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Conversation Between FREAK 5 and Senjou_Akira

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  1. Finals are coming up, it's getting hectic and hell everyday already -_-'
  2. Nothin too much!
    How about you?
  3. hey, what's up?
  4. oh~ haha they do look happy in teasing you XDD

    ah, yeah. i felt sleepy studying in the library when i get that shot..
  5. they like to play the fool with me and is your profile pic yours??
  6. Hai and yeah....Kaviya and Catie r my classmates..
  7. oh, i'm okay now haha
    i'm currently watching animes
    bout you? what's up?
  8. you and kaviya seems to have a fun and quite chaotic friendship huh rofl
  9. hello hahaha
    @_@ i'm getting all mixed up now haha
    don't worry, i don't really mind the gender of the people i'm talking to, don't let it bother you XD
  10. so wats up
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