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Conversation Between Yuuchun and pleasant_disorder

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  1. Yes you have answered it already.
  2. Hope that helps! ^^
  3. I just saw your comment on my page o.O I believe this question was answered in the occ thread...but i can't remember, so! I will answer it here as well. Reapers are immortal in the since that they are ageless and cannot die; however, the reaper is still a soul and that soul can fall prey to many different hazards. 1) a soul can be killed or injured by another soul. 2) a soul can be exhausted and disappear if too much spirit energy is used up. 3) a reaper can also decide to hang up their reaper life and cross over, becoming part of the otherside
  4. Hi~ I have a quick question...I was reading the sign up sheet for Black Rose Academy and it said reapers are immortal yet in several occasions you said that characters could get injured or even killed. So I was wondering...are students mortal but professors and up immortal?
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