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Conversation Between Yuuchun and rads

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  1. Ah yes...LOL I've procrastinated enough for today.
  2. wow that's a lot and i was thinking a music or anime review but since you have so much work i can wait to a better time
  3. Ah! I've been busy with school too in fact I have to read 60+ pgs and do a response essay over the reading and Japanese worksheet by tomorrow morning. What kind of review?
  4. that's good news i've been very busy in school. say would you like to do a reveiw of some kind.
  5. I am good and you?
  6. how are u
  7. is it ok if i give u a hug
  8. agreed what course are u taking maybe i can help u
  9. College life is stressful
  10. how comes ur still depressed
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