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Conversation Between abyisidro and Albear

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  1. Anyone from where you live.. Or in your college.. Does any guy there like you?

    If you had alot of money, what would you buy first?
  2. who like me? haha )

    of course i'll share. after i buy all the stuff i want. haha ) oh, and i think that would cost all the gold. ) uh-oh. >.<
  3. The guys that like you right now, do you like them back?

    You should share the gold.. All the gold. Heheheh.
  4. yeah of course. but i dont know. i got over it and cant remember when. hmm. you'lll get over it.

    maybe i will do the same. haha ) i hope i have a shovel that time though.
  5. Yeah.. I don't know why I said that.. I may just want a way to let go. How about you, did you have strong feelings for someone before?

    I wanna pot if gold.. If I see a leprechaun with one.. Imma knock him out with a shovel and steal the gold.
  6. what? you dont have to hate her. how can you hate her if you love her so much? hmm..just keep on loving her.

    pot of golds. hee :3
  7. Yeah, you are correct. What do you suggest? Hate her so I can let go?

    Leprechauns are weird.... midgets with orange beards and pots of gold. Hurhur.
  8. really do love her. oh well, you can't get everything.

    ooh, green landscapes? i dont know anything about landscapes. i only know leprechauns wear green. haha )
  9. I'm still moving on.. after many years. Yeah, it does take time.

    LOL Yes you spelled it correctly. I don't know much about how green and Irish traditions.. maybe the green landscape they have.
  10. aww..but moving on takes time.

    oh, so the green thing is an irish thing? is it because of leprechauns (is my spelling correct? haha)?
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