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Conversation Between abyisidro and Albear

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  1. what fun size? small is small. haha ) well, i know a couple of people shorter than me but there are a lot of people taller than me. so im still small even if im here. -.-
  2. You are not small.. Fun sized seems better a term. Lol.
    Well you are an asian girl. Usually, that is normal sized right? Lol.
  3. what few inches? you're taller than me! i knew it. haha guess i would stay this small. -.-
  4. *High five* Lol. I'll accept that.
    I'm 5'7” guess a few inches taller than you.
  5. i want to get fatter! hahaha. high five for people who have high metabolism! or not. -.- im 5 or 5'1. -.- you?
  6. So you have high metabolism. I have the same.. I usually eat alot but stay regular sized. But this summer, I will try to get more muscle.
    So you are short? Whats your height?
  7. hahaha..i think people anorexic there. i want to get fatter, im always thin no matter how much food i ate. :/ ok, let's say im ok with body proportions, but im small. -.- i can hold an umbrella for dani when he's standing, but when he ride a bike, i dont think so. haha ) how sad. i wish i was taller. -.-
  8. Fatter? That is usually a bad thing here in the US. Lol.
    I see you changed your pic... See? You do have a nice body.
  9. i dont know if i can stop smiling if im beside dani. maybe i'll spazz when im beside him and that would be awkward. o.o i thin actually. but my friends say im getting fatter. yey \(^v^)/
  10. Oh.. It would be nice if you could be Dani's model or umbrella girl!
    I'm sure you have a nice body.
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