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Conversation Between abyisidro and Albear

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  1. Yep.. chilled around ice cubes all day. Lol.
    I will support her. The pageant is a school play, and she has the lead role. Woot!
  2. and now you're burnt. haha. your sister's in a pageant, why isn't a major thing? go and support her. haha ^^
  3. Traveled to the sun.. and now I'm back. It was bright.
    Well my week was the same as usual. Nothing new.. Well.. My sister is having a pageant.. But that isn't a major thing.
  4. had to pass tons of requirements so im quite busy these past few weeks, starting to breathe again lately, but i still have a lot of forms to pass still. haha. ) you?
  5. I don't look up with 6 footers. If they are 6'4” and up, then I may have to look up. >_<
    So what is new?
  6. haha. i have a friend who is 6 ft tall and his teamnates are higher than him. when i talk to them, i look up. it's very hard. haha )
  7. Oh, okay! Imma still call you fun sized.
    There are some people taller than me. I have two brothers, and both are taller than me. But I'm at a height where, even if someone is taller, I don't look up because not everyone is that tall.
  8. ahaha! i don't mind calling me short. a lot of people call me that. hahaha whether they are guys or girls, they are all raller than me. T.T i know people there are tall, so, are you short compared to people there?
  9. Fun size is a term people will use if they think ”short” is rude. Lol.
    Are the people taller than you guys or girls?
  10. what fun size? small is small. haha ) well, i know a couple of people shorter than me but there are a lot of people taller than me. so im still small even if im here. -.-
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