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Conversation Between SlayerofLight and blueangel06661

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  1. I know! I'm pretty good, but that guy is crazy awesome :O
    I 4 or 5 episodes into Clannad and Fuki is just just cutest little thing
  2. Because of your profile pic xD

    And holy crap that video is amazing .___. My fingers would die if I ever attempted that.
  3. ooh that's cool =)
    how'd you know?! haha I also mess around on bass and am pretty good at keyboard, but mostly guitar.
    Watch this, this guy is amazing!
  4. Mmmm barely the piano. Like I can play the opening theme from Elfen Lied. but thats nearly it..

    But I take it you play the
  5. haha I'm sorry, I was looking for an excuse to spend leftover birthday money xD
    and I agree, I haven't looked very hard though.
    Do you play any instruments?
  6. Whaaaaa you have enough money to buy both seasons? So envious.. I bought season 1 a while back and I still need to get the afterstory because it's more win than the first season. But funds escape me xD Lol I like buying series that I enjoyed :3

    k-on!! should have a soundtrack. They have some OST according to my anime music downloading site. But idk if you can buy actual copies online somewhere..
  7. waaaa D:
    haha that's okay, it's never too late!
    ooh lol you said "everyone should see this anime" so I "bought" both seasons xD
    I'll start it tonight, I'm sure I'll like it.
    Do you think K-on!! has a soundtrack?
  8. I've never really played any of the Pokemon games... Besides Pokemon Snap .__. cheyeah.

    Yup Clannad is probably one of the most touching anime's around.. It's really good and you really get to know the characters. And the afterstory [technically season 2] is soooo omg amazing xD

    But the other two I listed are probably more up your alley.
  9. Pokemon Crystal!
    and thanks, I'll look them up, especially Clannad.

  10. My suggestions for you would be...

    Fate/Stay Night
    Clannad -Everyone should see this anime. Lol.

    Really what game do you get distracted playing?

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