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Conversation Between dango-chan and Maki the contractor

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  1. Yeah and it sucks because I don't have a variety of characters to choose from. I could be Yoruichi though
  2. ah, makes sense. u v u
  3. I see. Well I'm African-American so I would just look weird
  4. ehe. u v u that was before I dyed my hair and all, so people said I already looked a lot like Rin. XD
  5. Really? I'd probably die of embarrassment or be made fun. Rin is cool I love her
  6. yeah, Rin was the first character I cosplayed. u v u I also really like the Utau, Galvan Ize, he probably has one of the best Utau voicebanks out there. ^^
  7. Oh wow! I could never cosplay as anyone! I tried liking more vocaloids other than them and I do but I tried to find a new favorite and failed
  8. hehe > v < Rin and Len were my favorites for a while when I first got into Vocaloid. u v u and I cosplayed Rin a few years ago. X3 the outfit's too tiny now, tho- it barely fit me when I could wear it, now it's way too tiny. XD aha
  9. Yes I could tell. I'm a big Rin and Len fan myself
  10. He's my favorite Vocaloid along with VY2. u v u
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