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Conversation Between dango-chan and Sizary Momo

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  1. There aren't enough hours in a day.
  2. Yeah, my clothes/hair style is fairly similar to that of Marshall Lee's. :3 Marceline was my favorite and then I watched the Fiona and Cake episodes and saw Marshall Lee. :3 It makes me sad that Marshall Lee didn't have a role in the first Fiona and Cake episode that was mainly about Fiona and Gumball. ...I want to see more Marshall Lee... TwT Hmmm... I want to see Pandora Hearts but haven't gotten a chance to yet... So many anime... So many video games... So little time...! TwT
  3. My profile pic guy is Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts.
    A.k.a The Mad Hatter! x3

    Marshall Lee's my favorite too!His hair is so awesome! o__o
    I always wear clothes just like his and i don't even notice it sometimes. o.o
  4. ...I just noticed your new avatar... Marshall Lee's my favorite... :3 Who's the one on your profile picture and what's he from? :3
  5. Yay. ^-^
  6. Okey! :3
  7. Ok.Just request me on your PS3! ^^
  8. We should become friends on PSN. :3 Maybe we could play some games over the network, depending on what games we have. :3
  9. Oh yes... Along with my PS Vita and PSP. X3
  10. Oh snap! You got a ps3 too!? ^^
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