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Conversation Between TheyCallMeFei and Galactic Pretty Boy

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  1. Yeah, I watched the latest like 4 episodes last night and this morning, it's alright.. the battles are pretty epic still, but they're too short! xD Can't have your cake and eat it too I guess. I'm sure they'll wrap up the story well and it'll become another good anime.
  2. Awh that's a bummer dude! Ehhh Star Driver is losing a bit of it's luster since now that it has a decent fan base they're stepping more onto the drama/slice of life side now haha but I'm still hanging in there,it beats bleach -___- lol
  3. So... got back to the dorm, all stoked for more XBox, but alas... my roommate left it in Idaho when he came back from break. So yeah, gonna be deprived for a lonnnnng time to come.

    How's Star Driver? Haven't watched it in a while, been busy elsewhere. :P
  4. Sure! I need to renew mine too when I get back to the dorm, it expired like last week and I'm waiting till January to reactivate.
  5. Everyone everywhere hates me! but it's ok I just shoot em' all anyways >. Once I renew my live we should play together check out each others worlds and what not.
  6. I went good, but for some reason one city hates my guts. Everyone else loves me, except one city.
  7. Agreed 110% the second one wasn't as easy. There's millions of ways to get rich quick but the best is LUTEHERO lol Did you take the good or evil path? I went evil haha screwed everyone over and sided with reaver on it all.
  8. Pretty much done. I have to get all the keys and try my best to finish the achievements, but getting to the endgame took like two days. I feel like the economy is very different, considering you can make 10million gold by halfway through the story by buying out every property and renting them out. Very, very easy game.
  9. Ahhh Fable 3 that was a good game! Weapon evolutions ftw. Eh you're not really missing out on too much with New Vegas it's kinda crappy compared to #3,how far along are you in Fable?
  10. Ohoho, nice. I played through a bit of New Vegas but since I don't actually own an Xbox I couldn't finish it (I play on my room mate's). Other than that it's been Halo Reach and Fable III, as well as some decent rentals. I really want Vanquish to come, that game is amazing fun.
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