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Conversation Between alisaallthat and gff135

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  1. its a really good game
  2. No, never heard of it, lol. I'm pretty new (somewhat) to the world of the PS2, even though I've wanted one since they've first come out.
  3. u ever play rouge galixay im pretty sure thats how is spelled
  4. get a ps3 and a mic and maybe a ps eye
  5. Mornin'! Lately the weather's been all sorts of gloomy, hasn't it? Yesterday, the fog was right up against our windows.

    I went to GameStop and bought some new games for my PS2, yay! I got Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4, Lego Indiana Jones & Lego Star Wars. They're so much fun!

    Though I'm starting to want the PS3 because of it's awesome graphics.
  6. morning
  7. morning
  8. i do alil abstract
  9. Well, "modern art" is just a bunch of dots on a paper. And besides, look at Picasso! If THAT can be called a work of art, anything can.

    Besides, it could always be abstract, lol.
  10. maybe but i cant draw
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