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Conversation Between alisaallthat and sunnyside

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  1. Cool, glad to see you're around! If you're up for it just make a post noticing the people I mentioned in my PM to you being attack by some undead and, well, I guess what you do about it is entirely up to you. But so long as you do something I can get that group rolling again. (It's gotten down to one active poster and threesemi active posters for that group, so I think with two actives things would get rolling and maybe draw the others in.)
  2. Ack! Sorry for replying so late. Haven't really been popping on here too often.

    I'd like to join the group Solo play is too lonely for me, lol

    Gaz seems to have been mauled by a bear on one of his many mountain hikes (just kidding), so I don't really feel like waiting for him. I keep forgetting to check my PM inbox, so I didn't see the PM from you.
  3. By the way if you don't want to join up with that group just let me know. We could discuss other options (solo play, waiting more on that other guy). Or if you just aren't up for posting now I could get that group rolling other ways. Just let me know.

    Of course either way I'd like it best if I could get you playing again.
  4. AEEEIII I keep forgetting to wear sunglasses when I come to your adorable page here. :P

    Anyway I noticed you posting and had already shot out a PM, hopefully I'll be pointing out a post for you to respond to soon.
  5. Ah, I don't want to nag, but I've posted in Nightmarchers.

    I'm not exactly sure if I could make other characters talk, so I might need a little help on that ^^;
  6. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been kinda busy.

    I was writing this long post and ;________; it got deleted

    Naturally, that killed off my motivation.
  7. Ok, thanks
  8. Not yet. Normally I'd have you in and posting by now, but like I said I'm crazy busy. I'll hopefully have something worked out in the next couple days though.
  9. sunnyside, when should I start posting? (This is always a problem with me)
  10. I signed up! *crowd cheers* XD
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