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Conversation Between alisaallthat and blueangel06661

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  1. Hey girlie are you coming? We have the skype chat ready already.. Do you have skype? If so go ahead and add serated13 so he can add you to our conversation.. :3 I'd love it if you could come out and join us :3 (not much of a crowd though)
  2. Thank you dear! Your participation would be a giant help and besides it'll be interesting. I enjoy watching this member work on their stuff myself. Could probably learn a lot of new stuff. Even I'm excited about seeing how they do things :S
  3. 'k, Blue! I'll see if I can make it! I'm sure that I don't have anything much to do 'round 7.

    Thanks for the update
  4. Hey there Alisa :3 I know you expressed interest in our GFX sessions. I'm sorry for the complications that have arose in our first trial period (so we're moving onto a different form of action)

    We have an updated plan here:

    It'd be awesome if you could make it. The demonstrator is one of AF's finest/former mod. It'd be happy if you could manage to make it ^-^ If not that's okay.
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