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Conversation Between OokamiYokai and DigitalOkami

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  1. well if you evver log intot hi sacc again xD ! i found one new dog animation called white heart baekgu, its a korean anime. but it looks really good here is a little clip from it.
  2. hey btw i noticed you are watching Kekkaishi. if you like kekkaishi, you should try watch Nurarihyon no mago. its a new and on going anime, 22 episodes out so far. its one of my fav animes atm there is also this Omnyoji gril in the anime who controls a wolf spiri among some other spirits aswell. and the main character is a yokai it take a few episode before the anime gets good, but i think you will like it alot
  3. I'll let you if I come across any more wolf/dog anime. A new Ginga? Awesome I hope it's good and I hope they translate the old one too lol
  4. btw, please let me know if you come across any other wolf/dog animes its to abd that there isnt mroe of it. also iv heard that there might come a new ginga serie aswell ! i really hope it dose.
  5. HAHA! I know what you mean. Wolves are my crack lol
  6. nps its nice to meet new ppl who seem to be as addicted to wolfs as i am xD ! <3
  7. Thanks for adding me as a friend. I was going to do the same but I didn't know how to. lol
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