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Conversation Between OokamiYokai and Uta-chan~

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  1. Oooh please don't spoil anything for me~~ >w<
    I'm not sure how many seasons there will be.
  2. you have somehting to look forward to this episode was avesome ! cant wait for the next episodes ahead . do you know how many seasons there will be of merlin?
  3. ah xD ! i would buy them , thats if i had the money for it. but i use all my cash on music equipment insted xD
  4. OOOOH. I get cha
    Hahaha yeah I always think about doing that but I like watching it on TV better haha. And I always buy the DVDs XD
    I have the first two seasons on DVD yay~
  5. ehehe.. its not like its out where i am either, but you know. tahts what we have the internett for yarrrr ye be a good pirate now eh
  6. Yeah, Merlin's my favorite TV show! Hahaha ^^
    Oooh really? Lucky~
    Season 3 isn't out yet where I am... =w=
    GAY. haha
  7. nice ! you watch merlin aswell im gonna watch merlin the coming of arthur part one now its finaly out
  8. I don't put mine up, sorry
    Thanks for telling me about that program though! And how you filtered the sound of the strings ^^
    I have much to learn XD
  9. do you have any of your songs uploaed or ? i would like to take listen if you have some.
  10. thanx well, i use a program by called Reaseon. and the effect you ask off, is a string i use alot of distortion on and then i filter it in and out to get that sound
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