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Conversation Between OokamiYokai and SuXrys

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  1. No not really \(_o)/
  2. i will yush xD! but um, 2k thats quite alot o.O xD
  3. So you promise you'll be more active from now on? After all.... you need to honor that 2000th "post title" of yours! xD
  4. ive been at my GF place for quite a while just came abck. so y thats y i havent been on so much i tend to be more active and yaaay for the 2000! xD
  5. How come? You used to be really active before, has something changed?
    and hey, you became my 2000th wallpost! xD Congratz~
  6. nope, been rather innactive on the forum o.O
  7. You havn't been online so much lately, am I correct on that?
  8. heeey
  9. *poke*
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