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Conversation Between Thefringedninja and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. I'm probably going to meet her family too... :P I'm not very good at meeting people for the first time!
  2. Yeah, do that it's definetely great! (the first episodes are nothing special)
    Ah ah, I can imagine that
  3. Yeah, Clannad and I've still not caught up with Bleach! I'll watch Durarara next then
    Yeah, I'm quite excited as I'm going to visit my friend from Hong Kong who I haven't seen in two years! Kind of nervous...:P
  4. I guess it does
    What animes, Clannad?
    I'm really looooving Durarara!! after the slow start, one of my fav animes already

    That should be nice, be sure to have fun there and tell me how did it went Wooh, that's great
  5. That sounds fun!
    I'm basically watching anime and movies, reading books I haven't been able to due to revision and will probably go to sites in London once my mum has broken up for summer. Also, I'm going to Hong Kong in late August I also plan on doing various art pieces to go up on my wall in my dorm at uni
  6. Ah ah, indeed, glad you like
    Some AF, starting watching new animes, go to the beach and the countryside on my vacation's house, national scouting camping of one week from 3-10 august, maybe some 2 or 3 days trip around spain... what about you?
  7. It's moves!
    So, what are you planning to do this summer? Any fun things?
  8. How about my new avy? :P
  9. Yeah, your signature is quite original
    Clannad is also in my list of animes to start watching in a close future, since it seems so popular here on AF
  10. Yeah...sharingan!
    Too many to name really! I think I've covered just about everyone in my signature, but there are probably a few others which I've forgotten!
    I've just started to watch seems good so far, quite cute
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