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Conversation Between -Danielle- and GameGeeks

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  1. ah nice, i'm sure she'll love whatever you do for her
  2. Pretty much, right now, waking up, in 20 lunch then trying to figure out what to do for Seung-li's sig.
  3. ah right! lol. sorry, im a bit slow on the uptake. i dont recall that being there when i was. i was here in 2007 but i was more of a lurker back then. what are you getting upto today? just waiting for videogamer to make another comment to jump on? hehe
  4. Gil got wiped or was that not in when you where last here?
  5. I'd be flat broke anyway? Huh?
  6. Ah, wouldn't matter anyways you'd be flat broke either way.
  7. I had a previous accout yearssssss ago but i cant remember my login or anything. So im back now, and trying to post more
  8. Why not? He's either incredibly stupid or a troll, on the net which one do you think is most likely? And what do you mean this time? You joined today.
  9. I don'd think I deserve the honour of doing any stepping on least until ive got a 3 digit post count :P hehe.
    Cheers for the welcome and being apart of my friend base! Im looking forward to possibly sticking around this time
    Hope you're having a nice day!
  10. So I don't get in trouble with the mods, welcome, feel free to step on Videogamer55 while you're here. We all do.
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