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Conversation Between -Danielle- and Kaitou+

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  1. Oh.

    Talking about work, I need to find a job, heh.
  2. yeah i hope so too! it was the last of my priorities weirdly enough. wanted to move in properly and all that first hehe. now im just shopping around for cheap bit good internet providers! i have to have an early night since im in work tomorrow. im off tues-fri though. yay! cant decide if im going to watch some buffy the vampire slayer or some anime tonight xP
  3. AFing and Playing video games I guess.

    Awww, hope you can get interwebz in your household soon.
  4. nothing much. im at my mums house at the moment as i dont have internet in mine yet so i dont think im gona be online for much longer this evening as i gota get back home!
    what are you getting upto?
  5. So what's up?
  6. Haha i bet you are! :P
  7. Hahaha, I'm so many girls personal chefs.
  8. wahey, there we go then, i'll make you my own personal chef!
  9. Haha, or maybe I can cook it for you!

    I'm a cook.
  10. well if you do move to either of those places, i want you to mail me food as i love italian and spanish cuisine!!! hehe
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