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Conversation Between Linkax9 and FlowerMaiden

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  1. have you had a chance to watch the first ep of Evanglion?
  2. yh ok cool let me know what you think of it
  3. I'll watch the first episode later and see if I like it
  4. oh yh i liked it quite alot since i like me mecha anime, but i will say the ending can be a little hard to follow/understand depending on how you see it.

    but yh i would defo recommend a watch
  5. Yep so is Neon Genesis Evangelion good?(Just wondering(
  6. lol its ok i herd that you asked neuko about neon genesis evanglion if you wanna know anything just ask. i hope i can remember it lol
  7. I'm late but...welcome to the forums
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