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Conversation Between Albear and Sizary Momo

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  1. Haha xD I think those horse masks are pretty cool :3
    I remember the bands i listen to made a Harlem Shake video
    all together! My hero (or inspiration) is the one who was making out
    with himself in the corner. XD

  2. O_O Those horse masks are freakin' creepy, yo.
    I would rather ride a real horse in the wilderness like what Connor did in AC 3. Lol.
    I'm up this late because I have a day off tomorrow and the next day after.
  3. Thank you! :3
    Yeah year of the horse!
    Maybe I should have worn one of those
    Harlem Shake horse masks for new years! o_o
    Heh I didn't think you'd be up this late! o__o
  4. I understand! Keep up your studies.. So you don't end up working in McDonalds or something. You're better than that!
    Happy new year. Year of da horse, kiddo. Also, happy belated birthday!
  5. It's been ok. Sorry I haven't been online
  6. Hi kiddo! Hows school?
    And it has been forever since I last seen blues clues.
  7. Hello! :3

  8. *Does an awkward dance*
  9. WUT?! It was cold?! Mexico be cray cray with it's weather. Lol.
    Then again, Arizona is pretty hot. I've been there. :3 It's nice that you miss your friends. Speaking of which, I missed ya as well.
  10. It was colder actually.Very pretty too.
    But I missed 2 weeks of school while over there.
    I really missed my friends.
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