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Conversation Between DragonSoul and Kaitou+

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  1. Hey Kaitou whats new with you dude
  2. Hello
  3. Look im not trying to sound like Mr. inportant or anything don't worry ill show up there more offten
  4. It's a small forum dude, but whatever.

    Yeah, I'm good.
  5. Well my friend not much to do not a very live place man i know you guys dont miss me so yeah i dont show up much and you dont have a chat i would love to be there with you guys and stuff you have alot of work to do man and you need to get your staff up and forums and other things man i wish i could still help but yeah. And HEY long time no see
  6. y u no post on DBXanymore?
  7. Well i joined check me out on your site buddy if you can K
  8. Yeah i get that alot idk what impresion i give to people buts cool and i would love to join sure give me a sec and nice Forum
  9. Sorry, I can't make you part of my staff but you're welcomed there.
  10. No its my brothers Ghost Forum not mine i want to join a site that people need help would you like me to help you out and be part of your staff and i would love to join and bring people
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