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Conversation Between Xanfiore and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. Oh hey there, I've been well. I think? XD
    Like any other days thou, been busy much

    How about you?
  2. Hey, how are you doing bro?
  3. Thanks a lot

    Oh, I see, still better than anything. But why don't you watch animes? For me the fighting scenes on the mangas are really hard to picture, still when the anime and manga are still ongoing I always read the manga to keep updated with the plot

    Ah ah, glad you will
  4. Good luck with your exam then

    Erm, I haven't been watching some since the start of the year
    I only read the mangas, that's all :o
    Oh you did? I'll be sure to check it out XD
  5. Well, I need too
    Last exam on Monday, but the subject isn't really hard so that's cool xD

    So, what animes are you watching currently?
    Btw, I've uploaded some more photos on my thread, if you wanna see... (and preferencially comment )
  6. Ahahaha, I see
    Well it's good that you're studying
  7. No, not the 3 things
    Only studying and AF
  8. Just a fantasy story XD
    I have a crazy mind, y'know *laughs

    You're doing that at the same time? I'm surprise you could study also with that o_o
  9. That's great What's it about?
    I also write btw

    I'm studying + AF + reading One Piece latest manga chapter
  10. Nothing much. Just writing a story I guess XD
    What about you?
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