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Conversation Between ~Fallen~Angel~ and Simphoni

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  1. you can read it then?
  2. I can't do either because my laptop doesn't have speakers and even if I did watch it I wouldn't know whats happening or what their saying :/
    SUCKS PRETTY BAD!!!!!!!!!
  3. watch it and you'll see why people hate sasuke now. or read it, the book is farther.
  4. I love Sasuke!! I've never actualy really seen any Naruto episodes
    I've only played the games about them

    Mine is:
    1.Gaara 2. Naruto
    3. Sasuke 4. Shikamaru
    5. Neji 6. Rock Lee
    7. Haku *he has his own girlish charm*
    There's more.............but I wanna get to the girls now
  5. i don't care for sasuke much cause i find he's whiny now and annoying. guys....1. suigetsu 2. jugo 3. pein (the main one that has the shinra tensei). tobi is cool too
  6. It's really hard I know!!
    Do u hate Sasuke??!! I hear people hate him because he's "evil"
    Do u?

    And if u can............Please choose at least 3 guys u think are hot
    the least u can choose is 3 and the most is 25
  7. lol it is hard to pick favorites cause everyone rocks! and lol believe it! *returns signature gai-sensei thumbs up and smile*
  8. LOL 4 SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMGGG!!!!!!!!!! I love those guys 2!! But I love Hinata and Sakura and Anko........and, and, and...............AND LEE!!! I don't like A LOT!! but in a way he's a part everything! Every-one has their own sorta story to do with Naruto.....ya know??!!

    Thanx 4 translating!! I love Naruto-kun dattebyo!! *shows thumbs up sign*
  9. lol i figured, and naruto of course! plus kakashi, neji, shikamaru, jugo, itachi, pein, and suigetsu! and it means believe it!
  10. Wooooooooooooooooooooops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I meant to say "then it's my type of game"

    YES!!!!!!!! A Naruto fan!! I love him soooooooo much but to be honest I was obsessed with Sasuke but now Gaara is the one 4 me!!...................Or for now........
    Who is ur favret character????!!!!

    And what does "dattebyo!" mean?
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