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Conversation Between ~Fallen~Angel~ and konkikushuro

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  1. you really think you can best me!?
    ha! my profile somehow got curroupted so i actaully had to start over on a new BETTER one it's at 4,330 now so HA bring it on sister anygame any way any rules you are goign to be pwned like freshly bought bag of chips!so bring IT-ON!
  2. oh be quiet! my big bro deleted my first profile on accident! so now i have to restart! but my gamerscore is much higher now! and i'm putting you on my list of people to pwn! so u better bring your A game!
  3. well i told them about how i (shamefully) voilated a classmate (who is in my club i made on my own) whos my friend as well on an example on a aluuring person is and what guys rlly care about in a girl at our school and well things lead to another...geez...
    i mean me and my friend (who IS a girl) are still friends! anyway on a diffrent subject I GOT A HIGHER GAMERSCORE THAN YOU :P
  4. well i cant help with love tringles but im sure it will work and what up with the molester thing?!
  5. a friend a "specail" friend
  6. oh? with who?
  7. terriable i'm i n a damn love triangle...
  8. thank you! and hows it going?
  9. hello and awsome blazeblue pic
  10. hi! X3
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